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Vol. 52 No. 3 (2023): Multilokalnost v Evropi / Multi-local Living in Europe
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Volume Editors: Tatiana Bajuk Senčar and Cédric Duchêne

This issue of Traditiones contains a thematic block dedicated to multi-local living in Europe, which explores a range of topics, social actors, approaches, and sites of research – reflecting in this manner the breadth of this growing, interdisciplinary field of study. The block opens with a conceptual overview and analysis of multi-local practices in Slovenia by Tatiana Bajuk Senčar, followed by two studies of multi-locality in Bulgaria. Tanya Matanova’s study is centered on multi-local residents of Sofia and their understandings of home. Yelis Ivanova and Vanya Ivanova examine the role of multi-local actors at two religious sites in northeast Bulgaria. Lena Greinke provides a quantitative study of student multi-locality in Hanover during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Barbara Jaczewska’s interdisciplinary analysis centers on multi-locality as a spatial practice in Poland’s Mazovia Province.  The issue concludes with Riika Patrikainen’s study on the performance of Greek death laments in the context of ethnographic interviews.

Published: 30.12.2023

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