Vol 33, No 2 (2004)

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Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground. Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes orginial research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

Table of Contents

Original papers

R. Armstrong L. Osborne PDF
The Troubles with Cupolas

Jo De Waele PDF
Geomorphologic Evolution of a Coastal Karst: The Gulf of Orosei (Central-East Sardinia, Italy)

Bojana Zagoda PDF
Karstification along the Thrust Contact between the Dolomite and Limestone in Idrijski log and Koševnik (Idrijsko, Slovenia)

Martin Knez, Tadej Slabe, Stanka Šebela PDF
Karst Uncovered during the Bič- Korenitka Motorway Construction (Dolenjska, Slovenia)

Nadja Zupan Hajna PDF
The Caves of the Contact Karst of Beka and Ocizla, the SW Slovenia

Neven Bočić, Željko Baćurin PDF
Geomorphological Conditions of the Genesis of the Ponor Jovac Cave (Croatia)

Malcom S. Field PDF
Forecasting Versus Predicting Solute Transport in Solution Conduits for Estimating Drinking-Water Risks

Metka Petrič, Stanka Šebela PDF
Vulnerability Mapping in the Recharge Area of the Korentan Spring, Slovenia

Rita Kaszala, Ilona Bárány-Kevei, Klára Polyák PDF
Further Dates of Heavy Metal Content on the Soil and Vegetation of Aggtelek Karst (Hungary)

Boris Vrbek, Nenad Buzjak PDF
Contribution to Knowledge of the Content of Heavy Metals (Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd) in Speleological Objects in the Risnjak National Park (Croatia)

Paolo Forti, Ermanno Galli, Antonio Rossi, John Pint, Susana Pint PDF
Ghar Al Hibashi Lava Tube: The Richest Site in Saudi Arabia for Cave Minerals

David J. Waery, Richard W. Harrison, Maria P. Wright, Robert B. Jacobson, Milan P. Javich, Shannon A. Mahan, David J. Wronkiewicz PDF
Constraints on the Geological History of the Karst System in Southern Missouri, U.S.A. Provided by Radiogenic, Cosmogenic and Physical/Chemical Characteristics of Doline Fill

Pavel Bosák, Helena Hercman, Jaroslav Kadlec, János Móga, Petr Pruner PDF
Palaeomagnetic and U-series Dating of Cave Sediments in Baradla Cave, Hungary

Maša Surić, Mladen Juračić, Nada Horvatinčić PDF
Comparison of 14C and 230Th/234U Dating of Speleothems from Submarine Caves in the Adriatic Sea (Croatia)

Tone Novak, Jožica Stambol, Franc Janežkovič PDF
Faunal Dynamics in the Železna Jama Cave

Tanja Pipan PDF
Ecological and Microgeographical Study of an Epikarstic Fauna in West Virgina (USA)

Stephan Kempe, I. Bauer, H. Dirks, Horst-Volker Heinschel PDF
Schaffenrathʼs Inscription Column in Pisani rov, Postojnska jama

Trevor R. Shaw PDF
Valvasor – A Common Error about his Publications on Cerkniško jezero, Slovenia

Stanislav Južnič PDF
Gruberʼs Karst Research