Letn. 28, Št. 2 (2007)

The Revival of Aesthetics

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Aleš Erjavec PDF (English)
The Revival of Aesthetics: In a Few Words

Wolfgang Welsch PDF (English)
The Return of Beauty?

Thierry de Duve PDF (English)
The Post-Duchamp Deal. Remarks on a few Specifications of the Word 'Art'

Mario Perniola PDF (English)
Cultural Turns in Aesthetics and Anti-Aesthetics

Yrjö Sepänmaa PDF (English)
Home Team and Visiting Team in Applied Environmental Aesthetics

Curtis L. Carter PDF (English)
Aesthetics into the Twenty-First Century

Lev Kreft PDF (English)
The Second Modernity of Naturalist Aesthetics

Ernest Ženko PDF (English)
Mode-2 Aesthetics

Eva Kit Wah Man PDF (English)
Rethinking Art and Values: A Comparative Revelation of the Origin of Aesthetic Experience (from the Neo-Confucian Perspectives)

Richard M. Shusterman PDF (English)
Somaesthetics and the Revival of Aesthetics

Arnold Berleant PDF (English)
"A Rose by Any Other Name"

Anthony J. Cascardi PDF (English)
The Implication of Images in the Revival of Aesthetics

Devin Zane Shaw PDF (English)
Inaesthetics and Truth: The Debate between Alain Badiou and Jacques Rancière

Gao Jianping PDF (English)
The Stories of Four Words

Ken'ichi Iwaki PDF (English)
A Viewpoint of Painting? On a Problematic Theory of Computational Psychology

Patrick D. Flores PDF (English)
"Nature intervenes in strokes": Sensing the End of the Colony and the Origin of the Aesthetic

Tyrus Miller PDF (English)
Retro-Avant-Garde: Aesthetic Revival and the Con/Figuration of Twentieth-Century Time