Vol 41, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Original papers

Uroš Stepišnik, Mateja Ferk, Petra Gostinčar, Luka Černuta PDF
Holocene high floods on the Planina Polje, Classical Dinaric Karst, Slovenia

Giancarlo Pasini PDF
Speleogenesis of the “Buco dei Vinchi” inactive swallow hole (Monte Croara karst sub-area, Bologna, Italy), an outstanding example of antigravitative erosion (or “paragenesis”) in selenitic gypsum. An outline of the “post-antigravitative erosion”

Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Stephan Kempe PDF
Hypogene Point Karstification along Wadi Sirhan Graben (Jordan): A Sign of Oilfield Degassing?

Jiří Faimon, Monika Ličbinská, Petr Zajíček, Ondra Sracek PDF
Partial pressures of CO2 in epikarstic zone deduced from hydrogeochemistry of permanent drips, the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic

Christèle Ballut, Sanja Faivre PDF
New data on the dolines of Velebit Mountain: An evaluation of their sedimentary archive potential in the reconstruction of landscape evolution

Andrej Gosar PDF
Analysis of the capabilities of low frequency ground penetrating radar for cavities detection in rough terrain conditions: The case of Divača cave, Slovenia

Janko Urbanc, Kim Mezga, Luca Zini PDF
An assessment of capacity of Brestovica – Klariči karst water supply (Slovenia)

Janja Kogovšek, Metka Petrič PDF
Characterization of the vadose flow and its influence on the functioning of karst springs: Case study of the karst system near Postojna, Slovenia

Bogdan Debevec, Martin Knez, Andrej Kranjc, Marko Pahor, Mitja Prelovšek, Tadej Slabe PDF
Preliminary study for the adaptation of the »Heaven's Cave« for tourist purposes (Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park, Vietnam)

Andrew A. Semikolennykh, Anna A. Rahleeva, Tatjana B. Poputnikova PDF
Spent carbide waste retains toxicity long term after disposal in caves and mines

Marconi Souza Silva, Leopoldo Ferreira de Oliveira Bernardi, Rogério Parentoni Martins, Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira PDF
Transport and consumption of organic detritus in a neotropical limestone cave


Wolfgang Dreybrodt PDF
Caveat: Pitfalls in the measurement of pH of drip waters in caves

Reports & Book Reviews

Janez Mulec
Expedition to The great cavern of Santo Tommás, El Moncada, Cuba 2011 December 17-29, 2011


Matija Perne PDF
Alternative method of analysis of results of 3D terrestrial laser scanning (comment to the article “Contribution to a rock block slide examination by a model of mutual transformation of point clouds”, Acta Carsologica 38,1)

In Memoriam

Andrej Kranjc PDF
In memory of Prof. Dr. Karl Mais (1940-2012)