Partial pressures of CO2 in epikarstic zone deduced from hydrogeochemistry of permanent drips, the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic

Jiří Faimon, Monika Ličbinská, Petr Zajíček, Ondra Sracek



Permanent drips from straw stalactites of selected caves of the Moravian Karst were studied during one-year period. A hypothetical partial pressure of CO2 that has participated in limestone dissolution, PCO2(H)=10-1.53±0.04, was calculated from the dripwater chemistry. The value significantly exceeds the partial pressures generally measured in relevant shallow karst soils, PCO2(soil)=10-2.72±0.02. This finding may have important implications for karst/cave conservation and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

Keywords: cave, carbon dioxide, dripwater, hydrogeochemistry,
hypothetical partial pressure, karst processes, karstification model.


cave; carbon dioxide; dripwater; hydrogeochemistry; hypothetical partial pressure; karst processes; karstification model

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