Vol 44, No 2 (2015)

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Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground. Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes orginial research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

Table of Contents

Original papers

Petra Žvab Rožič, Jože Čar, Boštjan Rožič PDF
Geological Structure of the Divača Area and its Influence on Kačna Cave Speleogenesis and Hydrogeology

Andrej Mihevc, Miloš Bavec, Philipp Haeuselmann, Markus Fiebig PDF
Dating of the Udin Boršt conglomerate terrace and implication for tectonic uplift in the northern part of the Ljubljana Basin (Slovenia)

Attila János Trájer, Tamás Hammer, Lilla Mlinárik, Ákos Bede-Fazekas, Judit Padisák PDF
The neogene-quaternary evolution of the karst landscape of the Veszprém plateau based on the study of Meggyespuszta paleodoline, Hungary

Martin Knez, Josip Rubinić, Tadej Slabe, Ela Šegina PDF
Karren of the Kamenjak Hum (Dalmatian Karst, Croatia); from the initial dissection of flat surfaces by rain to rocky points

Celalettin Şimşek, Birol Kaya, Ahmet Alkan, Fatih Büyüktopçu, Necdet Türk, Yalçın Arisoy PDF
Hydrology and hydrochemistry of marble aquifer with point recharge from two deep sinkholes, Menderes Massive, western Turkey

Biljana Gichevski, Slavčo Hristovski, Vojo Mirčovski, Blažo Boev PDF
Hydrochemical properties of springs Slatinski Izvor and Solenica (Republic of Macedonia)

Hong Liu, Guangquan Li PDF
A simple diagnostic model to estimate total sink recharge based on dye tracing experiments

Olga Kadebskaya, Ilya Tchaikovskiy PDF
Staging in the hypergene transformation of sulphate and carbonate rocks (based on slide-rocks under organ tubes in Kungur Ice Cave)

Félix Escolano, Alberto Mazariegos de la Serna, José María del Campo Yagüe PDF
Evaluation of the risk associated with karstic processes in Miocene gypsum in south-eastern Madrid (Spain)

Maja Opalički Slabe PDF
Patterns in invertebrate drift from an Alpine karst aquifer over a one year period