Hacquetia entering its fourth year of publication

  • Andraž Čarni


Hacquetia begins its fourth year of publication with the issue that has just come out. The journal has been entered into certain international databases with this year’s publication. In substance, the journal Hacquetia includes articles on local themes on the one hand and articles on themes referring to a wider area on the other. The latter facilitates the establishment of the journal in the international research databases. However, the publications in such journals enable younger contributing writers to take their place gradually among the already established researchers.


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ČarniA. (2015) “Hacquetia entering its fourth year of publication”, Hacquetia, 4(1). Available at: https://ojs.zrc-sazu.si/hacquetia/article/view/2973 (Accessed: 12August2020).