Vol 47, No 2-3 (2018)

Cover Page
Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground. Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes orginial research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

Table of Contents

Review papers

Pavel Bosák, Nadja Zupan Hajna PDF
Palygorskite in caves and karsts: a review

Original papers

Pathmakumara Jayasingha, Robert Armstrong .L. Osborne, Ross E Pogson PDF
Sthreepura cave at Kiriwanagama, south central Sri Lanka: A network cave in saprolite and proterozoic quartzite

Ognjen Bonacci, Maja Oštrić, Tanja Roje Bonacci PDF
Water resources analysis of the Rječina karst spring and river (Dinaric karst)

Rafael Schäffer, Ingo Sass, Claus-Dieter Heldmann, Dirk Scheuvens PDF
Geothermal drilling in an Alpine karst aquifer and its impact on downstream springs – A case study from Finkenberg, Tyrol, Austria

Pavel Kalenda, Rudolf Tengler, Stanka Šebela, Matej Blatnik, Andrej Gosar PDF
Detection of Divaška Jama corridors behind (to the SW) Trhlovca cave using low frequency high power ground penetrating radar

Isabel Pires Mascarenhas Ribeiro de Oliveira, Daniel Correa, Rodrigo Lopes Ferreira, Augusto Sarreiro Auler PDF
Rising water flow as a factor of organic material importation into caves