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While a researcher may be actively involved in fieldwork, the full understanding that both researcher and performer desire is bound to involve a theoretical dimension, which becomes especially vital when reference has to be made to the past. Performances at festival periods in the year are explored in terms of the relationship between an actual “as is” world and an “as if ” world of the imagination.


Ko se raziskovalec aktivno ukvarja s terenskim delom, je popolno razumevanje, ki si ga želita tako raziskovalec kot ustvarjalec, neločljivo prepleteno s teoretsko dimenzijo. Ta postane še posebej pomembna, ko se navežemo na preteklost. Izvedbe v prazničnih obdobjih skozi leto so raziskane v smislu razmerja med dejanskim svetom »kakor da« (as is) ter med svetom domišljije »kakor da« (as if).


as if; imaginary; festivals; calendar; play // kakor da (as if); imaginarno; prazniki; koledar; igra

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