ETHNOGRAPHIES OF MULTI-LOCAL LIVING - Call for Papers, Traditiones 52, 2023


For this thematic issue, we invite papers addressing the theme of multi-locality and multi-local living as an everyday practice.  Multi-local living refers to varied patterns of mobility and residence whose common denominator is living habitually in more than one place during the course of a year (Duchêne-Lacroix 2014).  While it overlaps to some degree with terms such as migration, mobility, translocality, and simultaneity, multi-locality strives to address existing patterns and rhythms of both dwelling in and moving among multiple places of residence.  Multi-locality appears in ethnological and anthropological literature as early as the 1970s (Ember & Ember 1972). However, only recently has the term been employed more systematically to refer to both its traditional (alpine transhumance) and contemporary manifestations (second home ownership, cross-border/transnational migration) – an example of which the case is Ethnologia Europaea's thematic issue in 2007 (Bendix & Lofgren 2007, Rolshoven 2007). 


Building upon existing research in anthropological and ethnology as well as the significant contributions in other disciplines (e.g., Bonnin and de Villanova 1999 and the special issue on multi-locality of Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie in 2015), we welcome contributions that ethnographically explore multi-locality in its diverse manifestations as lived experience (in contrast with mono-local living):  doubling/splitting of everyday life, mobilities/geographies of multi-local everyday life, everyday family life in/across multiple residences, and the bridging/bonding of social worlds and ties. We also invite contributions that examine shifting patterns of multi-locality in the face of the challenges and broad-based processes that inform contemporary everyday life (sustainability, digitalization of social/everyday life, shifting border regimes, work flexibilization, COVID-19).

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The deadline for abstracts is January 15, 2023.  Please send abstracts to the following email addresses: and  The deadline for completed contributions is April 15, 2023, which are to be submitted online. For more information about online submissions:

Tatiana Bajuk Senčar (ZRC SAZU) and Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix (University of Lausanne)

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