Vol 38, No 1 (2009)

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Cover photo: Solutional features on Eastern Tithonium Dome on Mars (picture by MRO HiRiSE).See article by Baioni, Zupan Hajna &Wezel.
Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground. Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes orginial research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

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Branko Stanovnik PDF
Remarkable karstologists of Vrhnika (Slovenia)

Original papers

Davide Baioni, Nadja Zupan Hajna, Forese Carlo Wezel PDF
Karst Landforms in a Martian Evaporitic Dome

Wolfgang Dreybrodt, Franci Gabrovšek PDF
Small-scale Terraces and Isolated Rimstone Pools on Stalagmites in Caves Exhibit Striking Similarity to Large-scale Terrace Landscapes at Hot Springs

Bogdan P. Onac, Jonathan Sumrall, Tudor Tămaş, Ioan Povară, Joe Kearns, Veonica Dârmiceanu, Daniel Veres, Cristian Lascu PDF
The Relationship Between Cave Minerals and H2S - Rich Thermal Waters along Cerna Valley (SW Romania)

Matej Lipar PDF
Pinnacle Syngenetic Karst in Nambung National Park, Western Australia

Ugo Sauro, Roberto Francese, Francesco Ferrarese, Antonella Miola, Paolo Mozzi, Gualtiero Quario Rondo, Luca Trombino, Gianna Valentini PDF
Doline Fills - Case Study of the Faverghera Plateau (Venetian Pre-Alps, Italy)

Kevin Kiernan PDF
Distribution and Character of Karst in the Lao PDR

Zoran Stevanović, Adrian Iurkiewicz, Aleksandra Maran PDF
New Insights into Karst and Caves of Northwestern Zagros (Northern Iraq)

Martin Knez, Janja Kogovšek, Andrej Kranjc, Hong Liu, Metka Petrič, Tadej Slabe PDF
The Shuilian Cave in the Upper Region of the Chang River (Karst of NW Yunnan, China)

Sebastjan Konič, Mihael Ribičič, Milivoj Vulić PDF
Contribution to a Rock Block Slide Examination by a Model of Mutual Transformation of Point Clouds

Borut Toškan PDF
Small Terrestrial Mammals (Soricomorpha, Chiroptera, Rodentia) from the Early Holocene lLyers of Mala Triglavca (SW Slovenia)

Stanislav Južnič PDF
Periodical Cerknica Lake in Frischlin’s (1547-1590) Work

Cindy Clendenon PDF
Karst Hydrology in Ancient Myths from Arcadia and Argolis, Greece

World Karst Science Review

World Karst Science Review