Doline Fills - Case Study of the Faverghera Plateau (Venetian Pre-Alps, Italy)

Ugo Sauro, Roberto Francese, Francesco Ferrarese, Antonella Miola, Paolo Mozzi, Gualtiero Quario Rondo, Luca Trombino, Gianna Valentini



The sedimentary fills of two dolines in the Faverghera plateau in the Venetian Pre-Alps, south of Belluno, have been investigated. This small plateau is a sub-horizontal surface about 0.5 km2 wide, located on the northeastern slope of Mt. Faverghera (1640 m a.s.l.) hosting nearly 40 karst dolines partially filled by periglacial slope deposits. Topographic survey, electric resistivity tomography (ERT), soil and pollen analyses have been carried on. The structure of the dolines and the characters of the filling deposits indicate that the evolution of these forms has been controlled by the alternation of different climatic and environmental conditions during the Pleistocene. The results indicate that the dolines are “filters” for the sediments, more than good traps, archiving only some of the climatic and environmental changes.

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