Spatial conflicts: Analyzing a burden created by differing land use

Iwona Cieślak



The article proposes a procedure for determining the location of potential spatial conflicts. The author presents issues concerning spatial conflicts which may arise as a result of different uses of spaces adjacent to each other. The proposed procedure has been tested on one of the districts of Poland’s Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, namely Nidzicki District. In order to determine the use of the space, CLC databases made available by the Chief Environmental Protection Inspectorate were used. Based on them, the use of fragments of space, which were also differentiated due to their natural value, was determined. For the thus described space, a map of burden of potential spatial conflicts was compiled. The proposed method may be used as a tool supporting the processes of space planning and monitoring the environmental changes.


spatial planning; spatial structure; spatial conflicts; uses of spaces; CLC; natural value

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