Acta geographica Slovenica 2021-05-07T11:41:20+02:00 dr. Blaž Komac, dr. Rok Ciglič Open Journal Systems <p>The <em>Acta geographica Slovenica</em> journal was founded in 1952. It is issued three times a year by the ZRC SAZU Anton Melik Geographical Institute. The publication covers all branches of geography and related sciences, and geographically focuses mainly on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.</p> <p>Print ISSN: 1581-6613<br>Online ISSN: 1581-8314</p> Slovenian geographical names 2021-05-07T11:41:20+02:00 Drago Kladnik Matjaž Geršič Drago Perko <p>This work discusses Slovenian geographical names: endonyms in Slovenia and in border areas inhabited by Slovenians in neighboring countries, and Slovenian exonyms used in Slovenian to describe geographical features outside the Slovenian settlement area. First, it gives a historical overview of dealing with geographical names in Slovenia and especially emphasizes their scholarly and cartographic significance. Then it presents macrotoponyms and microtoponyms, especially geographical names in Slovenian normative guides, names of countries, and foreign exonyms for Slovenian endonyms. All of this is connected with the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) and the Slovenian Government Commission for the Standardization of Geographical Names. The former body handles geographical names globally and the latter nationally.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+01:00 Copyright (c) 2020 ZRC SAZU Anton Melik Geographical Institute