Acta geographica Slovenica was founded in 1952. It was originally named Geografski zbornik / Acta geographica (print ISSN 0373-4498, digital ISSN: 1408-8711). Altogether 42 volumes were published. In 2002 Geographica Slovenica (ISSN 0351-1731, founded in 1971, 35 volumes) was merged with the journal.

Since 2003 (from volume 43 onward) the name of the joint journal has been Acta geographica Slovenica (print ISSN: 1581-6613, digital ISSN: 1581-8314). The journal continues the numbering system of the journal Geografski zbornik / Acta geographica.

Until 1976, the journal was published periodically, then once a year, from 2003 twice a year and from 2019 three times a year.

The online version of the journal has been available since 1995.

All printed articles from the beginning of the journal are available free of charge in digital form:
Acta geographica Slovenica 
Acta geographica/Geografski zbornik (1952–2002)
Geographica Slovenica (1971–2002)

Those interested in the history of the journal are invited to read the paper “The History of Acta geographica Slovenica.”