Terraced landscapes in Slovakia


  • Jana Špulerová
  • Marta Dobrovodská
  • Dagmar Štefunková
  • Pavol Kenderessy
  • Martin Izsóff




terraced landscape, traditional agricultural landscape, agrarian relief forms, terraces, collectivization, Slovakia


This study investigates the distribution of terraced landscapes in Slovakia and analyzes their structural characteristics and land use. We found that traditional farming and terrace building as a part of agricultural intensification resulted in two types of terraced landscapes: historical terraced landscapes and new terraced landscapes. The two types differ in size, structure of various elements, their management intensity, and the impact of these spatial structures on biodiversity. Historical terraced landscapes in Slovakia have been partially preserved in vineyard regions, but they are mainly found in mountainous areas. New terraced landscapes are mainly linked to vineyard landscapes. The plant species composition on the mapped terraced landscapes shows a high diversity of habitats and terraces as agrarian relief forms create islands of species diversity in extensively managed agricultural landscapes.


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