The beauty of landforms


  • Aleš Smrekar
  • Katarina Polajnar Horvat
  • Bojan Erhartič



geography, aesthetics, photography, nature, landscape online survey, Dolina Triglavskih jezer, Triglav National Park, Slovenia


This article determines which landforms attract people the most and whether one can speak of collective patterns in the aesthetic evaluation of a landscape. It therefore concerns enjoying the beauty offered by a more or less reshaped natural environment. This study is based on the Triglav Lakes Valley (Dolina Triglavskih jezer) in Slovenia which, due to the few man-made changes introduced there, includes hardly any anthropogenic “unnecessary noise.” The online survey included more than six hundred people and used photos of various landforms. Lakes were found to be the most attractive to the respondents, and fractured rock areas were the least attractive.


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