Changes in discharge regimes of rivers in Croatia

  • Ivan Čanjevac University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography
  • Danijel Orešić University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography
Keywords: geography, hydrology, discharge, river regime, module coefficients, Croatia


This paper presents the results of the first comprehensive national analysis of changes in discharge regimes of rivers in Croatia. Seven types of discharge regimes have been defined for rivers in Croatia. We analyzed the changes in discharge regimes of all types, comparing the standard period from 1961 to 1990 with the most recent period from 1990 to 2009. We found evidence of a redistribution of discharge throughout the year, an increase in autumn and winter discharges (especially for rivers dominantly fed by snowmelt), and a decrease in summer discharge values. Furthermore, we detected a change in the month of the appearance of mean discharge maxima and minima. In most cases, the changes can be explained by changes in the regime of climate elements (temperature, precipitation, and evapotranspiration). The results are consistent with those from upstream countries; that is, Slovenia, Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Author Biographies

Ivan Čanjevac, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography
Department of Geography, Ph. D., researcher
Danijel Orešić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography
Department of Geography, Ph. D., associate professor


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