Four windows on Borderlands: Dimensions of place defined by land cover change data from historical maps

Daniela Ribeiro, Julia Ellis Burnet, Gregor Torkar



Perceptions of land cover changes from four areas located on the borderlands of Prekmurje, north-eastern Slovenia were determined from a set of historical maps. The principle goals of this research were the calculation of changes in area of land cover categories and analysis of the stability of the study areas from the perspective of land cover. Two approaches were applied to the map analysis: “stability mapping” followed by proportions of different land cover categories determined by time series cartography. Finally, these approaches were triangulated with ground truthing. The results presented demonstrate conclusively that the studied region maintained relatively stability although over several centuries inhabitants withdrew very slightly from both natural boundaries and political borders. As “windows” into the environmental psychology of borderland perception, each small site studied revealed some specifically localised characteristic.


perception; land cover changes; stability mapping; geographical information system; borderland; Prekmurje; Őrség; Central Europe

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