Preliminary geosite assessment model (gam) and its application on Fruška gora mountain, potential geotourism destination of Serbia

Miroslav D. Vujičić, Djordjije A. Vasiljević, Slobodan B. Marković, Thomas A. Hose, Tin Lukić, Olga Hadžić, Sava Janićević



This paper presents a preliminary geosite physical assessment model which has the potential to assist in the sustainable planning and management of natural heritage locations and their transformation into tourism destination. The methodology is based on several existing models and presented through two groups of values – main and additional, which are further divided into indicators and subindicators respectively. The resultant model is a graph that consists of nine fields, into which geosites can be classified as fitting into nine general areas of suitability for tourism in terms of their main (scientific/educational, aesthetic/scenic and protection as market appeal and conservation) and additional values (functional and tourism use as current stage of development). This could prove to be of great help to natural heritage protection and tourism managers, as they could assess the current state of a geosite and thence propose a future path for it.


geosites; assessment; geotourism; Fruška gora; Serbia

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