Uvod: Migranti in migracije v eko pan sindemičnem obdobju





In 2021, Dve Domovini / Two Homelands published a special issue entitled The Coronavirus Crisis and Migration (vol. 54), which contained numerous articles on various contexts and specific aspects. Considering the importance of the topic, one year later, Dve Domovini / Two Homelands is devoting a new issue to migration in the pandemic era. In the editorial of issue 54, we analyzed the coronavirus crisis’s origins, characteristics, and social effects. In this editorial, we present an overview of migratory movements and migration policies and the impact on labor and health for immigrants. The current eco-pan-syndemic has produced new elements compared to the pre-COVID era, at the same time consolidating existing phenomena and highlighting old problems. While it has limited, interrupted, and disrupted migratory movements, at the same time, it has deepened the underlying causes of migration by accentuating the need to emigrate.


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