Slovenskite panteoni vo likovniot medium: Svarog
The Slavic Pantheons in Visual Medium: Svarog

Nikos Čausidis



The article represents a segment of global research emanating from the visual images of the Slavic deities, mostly manifested on archaeological finds, in this particular case, early Slavic artefacts (the plates of a cult character, and the so-called radiate-headed fibulae) found in the Balkans. By analysis of the iconography and symbolical features of these finds, the author attempts to define a type of mythical picture of an “anthropomorphic firmament with the phases of a solar cycle”. By its Slavic analogies, he follows this mythical picture through to the 19th century. Then, by use of iconographic analogy, and by comparison of visual images, attributes, and functions (the comparison is foremost made to the Iranian-Avesta god Z’rvan), the author suggests that this image should be identified as a mythical picture of the Slavic god Svarog who is manifested as the anthropomorphic sky. Finally, the author connects his proposed hypothesis with the known written sources, toponyms and etymological definitions related to the theonym Svarog.

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