Krkavški Kamen v ustnem izročilu in v sklopu obredne prostorske strukture
The Stone of Krkavče in Oral Tradition and in the Context of Ritual Landscape Structure

Jana Puhar, Andrej Pleterski



A stone with several images of mythological meaning stands near the Krkavče village above the Dragonja valley in the southeastern part of Slovenia. The authors relate the oral tradition concerning the stone and with its help, they divulge the sacral structure of four churches that form a symmetrical Latin cross with the stone situated at the intersection. A spatial cross, built according to the same program of construction, is also present in Prague and is reliably dated to the 12th century. The cross of Krkavče also certainly came into existence at the same time. This time thus represents the terminus ante quem for the discussed Stone.

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