Rekonstrukcija mifopoetičeskogo obraza utki (Anas) (po dannym pis'mennyh istočnikov i fol'klora baltijcev, slavjan i drugih I-E narodov)
Reconstruction of the Mythopoetical Image of a Duck (Anas) (According to the Written Sources and Folklore Data of Baltic, Slavic and the Other I-E Peoples)

Rolandas Kregždys



The article deals with the reconstruction of the mythopoetical image of a duck (Anas) according to the written sources and folklore data of Baltic, Slavic and the other Indo-European peoples. It also presents an etymological analysis of Russ. dial. анчýтка ‘devil, demon; Antichrist; hobgoblin, water-sprite, familiar, sylvan; trollop; poor person; pickle; curse’.

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