China’s Internet Movie and Its Industrial Development

  • Qingben Li Institute for Arts Education, Hangzhou Normal University
Keywords: micro film, socialist cultural production, one belt and one road


During the past ten years, China’s micro film genre has undergone a rapid development because of the technological changes related to intermedia practices. Focusing on three types of micro film production, we will try to explore some characteristics of China’s micro film genre. This chapter takes A Murder Case Triggered by a Steamed Bun as the first type of micro film, which is a parody of the movie Wuji. The second concerns conspiracy, including intertextual and intermedia conspiracy, and will be illustrated by the micro films Imminent and The Only Choice. The last type of micro film production focuses on social welfare, and is represented by the title I will give you happiness when I grow up. All these productions call into question how to coordinate and harmonize the conflict that arises between social welfare on the one hand, and market efficiency on the other. The author believes that Chinese micro film productions will be regulated into China’s Model of socialist cultural productions, which is different from the time when the government managed everything during the Planned Economy, and is also different from the cultural policy models in the West.


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