Descartes — the Exorcist

  • Miran Božovič


Proceeding from Montaigne's essay Apologie de Raimond Scbond the author tries to reflect the difference between the connection of so called reasons for doubt, i.e errors of the senses, madness and dreams by Montaigne and Descartes in his First Meditation. Concerning the demon as the reason or means for doubt he tries - taking into account the thesis of Popkin, that the historical origin of Descartes' demon might be searched for in the famous trial against Urbain Gran-dier which took part in the early thirties of the 17th century in Loudun in France - to call attention to a certain accordance between Descartes' own attitude towards the demon in his First Meditation (that he has namely firmly decided to take care so that this deceiver wouldn't be able to impose upon him something false) and the rejective attitude of theologians from the Paris Sorbonne towards the demons testifying on the trials of that time.


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