Simbolika pogrebnih običaja i vjerovanja brodskog Posavlja – pretkršćansko u kršćanskom
Symbolism in Funeral Rites and Beliefs of Brod Posavlje Area – Prechristian in Christian

Karolina Lukač, Ivana Artuković Župan



Burial customs and beliefs are imbued with numerous magical and religious procedures and rules of behavior of living from the moment of dying to the last farewell but also afterwards. The first task that the surviving members had to fulfill, after death, was breaking all the connections with the deceased. The deceased had to be separated from the family and the object that he used during life, and then from the house and the whole community. Although the ritual of separation had begun during lifetime, for example in last farewell with the dying individual, the actual separation could be seen in numerous ceremonies that followed after death. Order and the symbolic meaning of the ritual and the objects that were used had an important role.


funeral rites; cult of the dead; symbolism; messengers of death; the tree of life; lustration; light; food for the dead

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