Rezijanska Linčica Turkinčica kot splošno slovenski motiv drugosti
L’alterità come motivo comune sloveno nel canto resiano Linčica Turkinčica

Roberto Dapit



The article focuses on the relationship with alterity and the distant worlds that arises from the folksong cycle of the typ Kralj Matjaž rešen iz ječe ‘King Matthias rescued form the jale’, which is documented in the Slovenian folk tradition with reach materials from the Resia valley (Italy). Resia is a very peripheral western Slovenian linguistic minority area. Through the analysis of the texts from a linguistic and symbolic perspective the author trys to understand if the image of the Other, in this case of the Turk, is corresponding to the stereotyped representations which developped in folklore of Western Europe and in the South Slavic cultural space towards Ottoman/muslim world. An interesting parallel represents the cycle Zvijačna ugrabitev mlade matere (Lepa Vida) ‘Cunning kidnapping of a young mother (Fair Vida)’, where the Other is represented by a sailor/boatman (Saracen).


King Matthias; Turks; Slovenian folksong tradition of Resia; Fair Vida; alterity

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