Mala gora pri Ribnici – mitološko izročilo v prostoru
Mala Gora (Little Mountain) by Ribnica – Cosmic Myth in Mythical Landscape

Domen Češarek



This article presents ethnographical research of mountain the Mala gora (Small Mountain) located in southern Slovenia in the vicinity of Ribnica, Dobrepolje, Velike Lašče and Kočevje. Local legends and myths are preserved about the mythical landscape of Mala gora, which can be connected with ideas such as the world axis, perceptions of connections with the underworld and the main Slavic myth. Author presents new findings related to Perun and Mokosh, which are preserved in local names as Makoše village, water spring Perin and various supernatural beings connected with these perceptions. Folk beliefs that are connected with this landscape can be also compared to pre-Slavic myths and beliefs of Mother Earth.


axis mundi; Mokoš; Perun; Baba; Saint Ann; mountain; caves; water; Ribnica; Dobrepolje; Velike Lašče; Kočevje; Slovenia; Slavic mythology

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