Smrt v virtualnem svetu: Dojemanje »dobre« in »slabe« smrti v spletni igri World of Warcraft
Death in Virtual World: Perception of “Good” and “Bad” Deaths in the Online Game World of Warcraft

Simona Klaus



The notion of “good” and “bad” deaths can be found in many cultures around the world as death has always had a significant role in the societies. Many beliefs and customs are connected with the time of death and the way someone died in order to grant the soul a safe passage into the otherworld. The game World of Warcraft is a complex example of how the notion of “good” or “bad” deaths is incorporated in the fantasy virtual world and in what ways the authors of the game make it possible for the players to define death they encounter on regular bases as being either “good” or “bad”. The article emphasizes the notion of death and its contexts play a significant role in the creation of this online world.


death; World of Warcraft; afterlife; resurrection; virtual world

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