Der ostseeslawische Kultstrand bei Ralswiek auf Rügen (8. - 10. Jh.). Bemerkungen zu einem neuen archäologischen Dokumentationsband
Slovanska kultna obala ob Baltiku pri Ralswieku na Rügnu/Rujani (8. – 10. st.). Pripombe k novemu zvezku arheološke dokumentacije

Hans-Dietrich Kahl



The author discusses the discovery of two Slavic cult sanctuaries from the eighth to tenth centuries. Both were found close to the Slavic-Scandinavian settlement and port Ralswiek along the Baltic Sea on the island of Rügen. The older sanctuary had been abandoned because of the rising sea level and had been replaced by a more recent one, which was destroyed by fire. As both were built close to the water, the author argues that the sanctuaries were consecrated to a female water goddess, probably Mokoš. The article continues with a discussion of the Slavic settlement of Rügen and of the possibility of contact with the German natives. Evidence of this includes analysis of pollen samples, while the pottery remnants argue otherwise. The author sees a methological-interpretative problem in this inconsistency.

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