Altslawische Kultstrukturen in Pohansko bei Břeclav (Tschechische Republik)
Staroslovanske kultne strukture na Pohanskem pri Břeclavu (Češka republika)

Jiří Macháček, Andrej Pleterski



This piece discusses the first stages of research, conducted with the aid of metric analysis, on the ancient Slavic site of Pohansko near the city of Břeclav in the south-east region of the Czech Republic. This analysis includes two pagan sanctuaries, grave sites, an early medieval church, dwelling structures and defense ramparts. A unified system of orientation is determined, dependant on the calendar direction of the solstice rising and setting of the sun and moon. Furthermore, the module employed to define the cult enclosure, the configuration of buildings and the course of the defense ramparts was also established in this fashion.

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