The Origins of Sventovit of Rügen
Izvor Sventovita z Rügna

Roman Zaroff



The article investigates the origins of a Slavic deity, Sventovit of Rügen Island. Based on the previous research of the author, the notion that Sventovit was originally a Slavic war god or disguised Perun is dismissed. On some etymological ground and numerous conceptual similarities, the research concludes, that Polabian deities Sventovit of Rügen, Yarovit of Wolgast and Yarovit of Havelberg, evolved from the same common Slavonic god, which name included the root “yari”. On the functional level, the author postulates an agriculture, harvest, fertility and vital forces as the original domain of this primeval deity. Therefore, the war and other functions acquired by these later deities, as known from historical records, are a result of post-migration developments. Furthermore, the author postulates conceptually.

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