Ustno izročilo o lintverju kot indikator ritualnega prostora antične skupnosti Ajdovščine nad Rodikom
The Oral Tradition about Lintver as an Indicator of the Ritual Place of Ajdovščina above Rodik’s Antique Community

Katja Hrobat



The article is part of a B.A. thesis in which the author studies the relations between folk traditions and archaeological research. She analyses the oral traditions related to a mythical figure called Lintver, a kind of a snake-like dragon that apparently lived in Jezero above village Rodik (southwestern Slovenia). Mid-nineteenth century descriptions and local oral traditions suggest that the parish in Brezovica organized regular monthly processions to the site to bewitch the devil. As Lintver’s dwelling-place lies in the immediate vicinity of Ajdovščina’s Roman cemetery, the paper considers the possibilities as to how the traditions about the mythical being could lead us to an ancient ritual place.

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