Mitologiziranoto gumno vo slovenskata tradicionalna kultura - II
The Mythologized Threshing Floor in the Slavic Traditional Culture - II

Nikos Čausidis



In this part special place is given to the “Myth of the Metallic (Copper / Bronze) Threshing Floor”, present in the toponyms, legends, magical stories and in the mediaeval apocryphal texts. It contains analyses of the next mythical elements: the metallic components (threshing floor, castle, field, plants, food …); the connection between the mythical threshing floor and the cosmological myths about the first mountain; the relation between the “metallic threshing floor” and the “metallic shrine”. The similarity between the threshing floor and one type of the Slavic pagan shrines with circular form, and the representation of the threshing floor on the ritual loaves from the 19th century are also discussed. Elaboration is given to the chthonic and “outer world” location of the metallic threshing floor, and the basic actions that take place on it: the fight between the hero and the dragon; the holy marriage between the hero (=sky / cosmic axis) and the Earth, (=ground upon which the threshing floor lies).

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