Arhaičeskij obrjad – libacija u drevnih baltov v sopostavlenii s dannymi slavjanskoj religii
Arhaični obred libacije pri starih Baltih v primerjavi s podatki slovanske religije

Elvyra Usačiovaitė



/The Archaic Custom of Libation and the Slavic Religion/
According to written sources, ancient Balts and Slavs practiced libation, a ritual pouring out of mead, beer, animal blood or other sacral liquids in order to honor and make an offering to a god, goddesses, or ancestral soul. An important integral part of a religious cult, libation could signify ritual supplication or express gratitude for some kind of help. There were also instances of human sacrifice. A symbolic relic of libation is the pouring of a liquid on the floor, a custom that had been preserved in rural parts of Lithuania to the 20th century.

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