Pruss. Curche: etimologija teonima, funkcii božestva; problematika ustanovlenija kul'tovyh sootvetstvij na počve obrjadovoj tradicii vostočno-baltijskih, slavjanskih i drugih indoevropejskih narodov
OPr. Curche: Etymology of the Theonym, Functions of the Deity; Problematics Concerning the Establishment of Cult Conformity of the Eastern Baltic, Slavic and Other IE Tribes’ Ceremonial Tradition

Rolandas Kregždys



The article presents a review of the mention of the Prussian deity Curche in the historical sources and the latest compositions on the Baltic [and not only] mythology and religion; a textual analysis of a fragment of the most ancient source Friedensvertrag zwischen dem deutschen Orden und den abgefallenen Preussen in Pomesanien, Warmien und Natangen, geschlossen unter vermittelung des päpstlichen Nuntius und Assistenz des Bischofs von Culm (1249), in which the name of the god is mentioned, and also the genesis of interpretations of the latest period; a digest of etymological researches in to the theonym; a new hypothesis about the functions of the god and origin of its name, based on the graphic, linguistic, cultural-typological researches of cult and ritual conformity of the Eastern Baltic, Slavic and other IE tribes.

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