Problem dvovjerja kao čimbenika hrvatskog kulturnog identiteta
The Problem of Dual Faith as the Croatian Cultural Identity Factor

Deniver Vukelić



This study researches into the dual belief phenomenon, in the context of diversity and mutual cultural influences between Christianity and Pre-Christian Slavic Old Faith (starovjerje) concepts of faith and religion, but also in the context of Post-Christianity forms like Native Faith (rodnovjerje) among Slavic peoples, and in Croatia as well, as it is part of this cultural area and heritage. This research offers definitions and terminological answers both at the theoretical and also at the practical level, through the case study made in the field research in Croatia, which gave numerous important results for this subject. The analysis of this field research reveals some of the terminological and culturological aporias linked with this topic in Croatia of the first decades of the 21th Century.


dual faith; Old Faith; Native Faith; Neopaganism; Christianity; Pre-Christianity; Post-Christianity; folklore; magic; bonfire; cults of fertility; identity

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