Anekdote o Lemberžanih in vpliv ljudskega izročila na Butalce Frana Milčinskega
Folk Anecdotes about the Inhabitants of Lemberg and Fran Milčinski’s Butalci

Katarina Šrimpf



This article investigates correlations between Fran Milčinski’s Butalci and humorous Slovenian folk narratives about Lemberg. A small market town, called Lemberg, is famous for being the centre of numerous jokes and humorous stories. Slovenian writer Milčinski’s popular stories about the people of the fictional town of Butale are regarded as a literary work, and have become part of the nation’s narrative repertoire. Nevertheless, as their comparison with the Slovenian and foreign narrative tradition demonstrates, almost all the stories in the book are based on popular, internationally known humorous folk tales about “numskulls”.


folk narratives; folklore; humorous stories; Butalci; Fran Milčinski; Lemberg; Slovenia

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