The Multi-faced So-called Miniature Idols from the Baltic Sea Area
Wielotwarzowe miniaturowe idole z basenu Morza Bałtyckiego

Kamil Kajkowski, Paweł Szczepanik



The aim of this text is to present early medieval miniature figurines discovered in the Baltic Sea region. The authors review interpretations of this archaeological finds from literature and offer a new perspective for their functions. The next problem dealt with is the ethno-cultural membership of the users of the objects.

We would consider those figurines as symbols or perhaps fetishes referring to a particular sacral power, perhaps associated with the four-faced god Svantevit(?), or as ritual requisites connected with magic practices (especially in the form of vegetation magic and love magic). The representations of four faces or four heads on these objects may have legitimized the creative power of these objects, i.e. a power sanctioned by the authority of a deity with particular competence. Consequently, in our view, the multi-faced figures found in different locations within the Baltic Sea area would suggest a Slavic presence.


miniature figurines; Baltic Sea; Svantevit; ritual; Slav; Wolin

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