Event and Infidelity, Non-Event and Fidelity

  • Tadej Troha
Keywords: Badiou, event, fidelity, politics


The pair of an event and the fidelity to an event has a triple fate: firstly, it represents one of the central conceptual cores of Badiou’s philosophy; secondly it marks that part of Badiou’s philosophy that managed to cross into a doxa; and thirdly, due to its simplicity, it is exposed to the severest critiques by outside observers. The paper argues that it is precisely its triple fate that is the reason to insist on it and ascribe it actual universal value. In this, it follows Badiou’s own modifications of the pair as introduced in Logics of Worlds, that is, the introduction of additional subjective figures and the introduction of various categories of change, as well as his commentary on the novelties of contemporary reactionary politics.


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