Calm Block Here Fallen…

  • Ivana Momčilović
Keywords: Badiou, politics, fiction, Calm Block Here Fallen


The presented theses are part of a wider research project which, on one hand, takes into account Badiou’s relationship between fiction and politics, and on the other, considers the possibilities for what we call the new materialistic structure of communist fiction. Badiou’s prose fiction, for example the novel Calme bloc ici-bas (Calm Block Here Fallen), will serve as a reference model for what the American poet Wallace Stevens formulates as: “The final belief must be in fiction”. Thus, considering as valid Badiou’s hypothesis according to which: “It must be possible to find a possibility for a new fiction”, entering into the Calm Block Here Fallen takes us to a place with one of the possible views of the revolutionary politics of the coming fiction. Premontre, the country-subcontinent where years are not counted from Christ but from the First Year of the Egalitarian Revolution, where, as an award, no writers have been granted the Nobel Prize and where street mathematicians, poets of a new grammar, and protagonists of a new politics together participate in the Revolution, known as “the Key Events”, proving that people are not only equal in death, is only one of the “new scenes of possibilities” that rise on the ruins of both state socialism and the present State of Well-Being.


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