Dynamical Philosophy

  • Matjaž Potrč


Dynamical philosophy changes our views concerning philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics and ethics, vagueness and truth. Dynamical cognition thesis affirms intractable richness, all in preserving the structure. Mathematical description fits the middle level of a cognitive system. Supervenience helps the plausibility of nonreductionism. Epistemology is transformed by taking into account morphologoical content as the cognitive background. Metaphysics offers one rich universe without any parts, with possibility to correctly assert truth about it in an indirect manner. Vagueness is transvaluated. Metaethics is irrealist. Intentionality is related to the qualitative consciousness. Overview of author's rich philosophical itinerary provides material to be incorporated into the postanalytic dynamical philosophy approach which author pursues since he has encountered Terry Horgan.


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