Federigo Enriques et le nouveau statut épistémique de la certitude

Mario Castellana


F. Enriques (1871-1946), scientist, philosopher and historian of the science, he has given in the first years of the 20th century us a run of epistemological search directed to protect the objectivity and the knowledge dimension of the science; in this run, he is been found to face the problem of the certainty after their convulsions and he has elaborated a theoretical strategy founded upon a historical consideration of the scientific rationality.
Enriques has freed the notion of the certainty from the antological renderings of the traditional gnoseology and he has furnished a epistemic statute founded on the own historicity of it of the sciences, favors to the elaboration of distinctive ermeneutical categories (correzione, cettualizzazione progressiva, modificazioni successive, razionalismo sperimentale).

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