About The Hidden Subject In Deleuze's Philosophy

  • Peter Klepec
Keywords: Deleuze, singularity, subject, automaton, tyche


The basic Deleuze's ontological conception, which tries to ensure the emergence of the new, of a new creation, and to found the Whole as disharmonious harmony, demands a conception of a certain field of forces (be it singularity or the Outside, chaos, The Event, schizophrenical extimate Other, Life, brains-subject), which as a kind of automaton transcendentale governs the surface, the ideal game of chance. Though the eternal return does not have any rules, there is one. This “hidden subject” allways wins at the end, there is allways an encounter with it, it allways already traverses us, for it is something unlimited as infinite velocity and infinite power, “immensa potestas”.


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