Presbyterians in Behemoth

  • Aloysius Patrick Martinich
Keywords: Thomas Hobbes, Behemoth, Presbyterians, English Civil War, Assembly of Divines


The Presbyterians, according to Thomas Hobbes in Behemoth, were one of the principal corrupters of the people; and the corruption of the people was a cause of the English Civil War. In fact, it was not the Presbyterians who were a cause of the Civil War, but certain puritan ministers, notably some closely connected with members of Parliament. The puritan ministers opposed the Laudian church and the concept of jure divino episcopacy but many would have accepted a form of episcopacy. Sermons by puritan ministers, often coordinated with MPs, contributed to the political instability of 1640 and after. The religious Presbyterians, who had been puritans, did emerged after fighting had broken out between royalist and parliamentary forces and after the opening of the Westminster Assembly of Divines in 1643.


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