Comprehensive radon concentration measurements in caves located in the area of Mecsek mountains

Gabriella Koltai, Janos Orszag, Zoltan Tegzes, Ilona Barany-Kevei



Radon concentration has been investigated in nine caves of the Mecsek Mountains, Hungary. Apart from radon concentra­tion, underground temperature and pressure were detected by DATAQUA monitoring devices. Our primary aim was to gain information about boththe radon concentration levels and the convectional systems of these caves in order to study the characteristics of the researcharea. In addition, we intended to detect any differences between the caves either on the basis of the previous measurements or on account of their topo-mor­phological location. Data were comprehensively analyzed in relation to surface temperature and atmospheric pressure. The collected data showed that the caves located in the researcharea have particularly highradon concentrations. The highest values were measured in valley floor-positioned caves whereas the lowest ones in hilltop-positioned caves. In four cases the air convection systems of the studied caves differed from what would have been indicated by their topo-morphological loca­tion. In our study we summarize the convectional laws and uniqueness of the caves investigated.

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