Review of the most significant caves in Montenegro

  • Mirela Djurovic University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Department of geography, tourism and hotel management
  • Predrag Djurovic University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography
Keywords: Mt. Prokletije, Montenegro, Caves, Karst, Dinarides


The most significant caves in Montenegro were distinguished in response to their physical-geographic, biological, archeological and morphometric characteristics (length and depth). Caves distribute in four distinctive regions: coastal karst, karst plateau (relict valley system), fluvial karst (recent hydrologic systems) and the high mountainous karst area. The most outstanding within the last, due to abundances of the major caves with depths from a few hundred meters to 1,162 m, are four mountain regions: Mt. Durmitor, Mt. Lovćen-Orjen, Mt. Maganik and Mt. Bjelič.



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