Felo Pérez Mogote (Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba): Typical Shaping of Rock Surface below Dense Tropical Vegetation

  • Roberto Gutierez Domech
  • Martin Knez
  • Tadej Slabe


The results of studying the geomorphological, geological, and lithomorphogenetic karst characteristics of the selected mogote reveal its unique but typical formation under the given conditions. Micritic heavily tectonically crushed and heavily recrystallized limestone with stylolites dominates throughout the entire geological column and is very uniform. Analyzing Ca and Mg with complexometric titration method of rock samples showed very pure total carbonate and exceeds 96.5 %. Rock composition anables development of clear development of rock features, the smallest, as well. The specific rock relief of the mogote bears witness to the gradual denudation of the rock and the transformation of subsoil rock forms into forms carved by rainwater and water creeping down the walls. The article brings new knowledge about special but typical shaping of the rock under dense tropical vegetation, this time under vegetation covering the mogote. On denuded surfaces that emerged from the soil, for this circumstances characteristic rock features develop under the weathered debris that accumulates under dense vegetation. Different rock beds in the studied mogote respond in a similar way to karstification.


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