• Franci Gabrovsek IZRK ZRC SAZU


The initiator of this issue was professor David Culver, who suggested the publication of papers presented at the multidisciplinary symposium on Carbon and Boundaries in Karst in our journal. Being familiar with the high quality of past meetings organized by the Karst Waters Institute, the editorial board of AC agreed with the proposal and invited Dave as a guest editor. His editorial work was highly efficient and thorough; he found relevant reviewers and provided a high quality reviews for each manuscript. The issue contains high quality review and original research paper, presenting a comprehensive coverage of the role of karst in the global carbon cycle. This issue would not be possible without a wide cooperation of reviewers who provided thorough and thoughtful reviews of all manuscripts. Several manuscripts have been rejected for different reasons, and most of the others were considerably improved after the review. Even though the review process was anonymous, we present the list of those reviewers that have agreed to be acknowledged in alphabetical order: Pavel Bosák, Annette S Engel, Derek Ford, Christian Griebler, Ellen Herman, Janet S Herman, William K Jones, Alexander Klimchouk, Florian Malard, Pierre Marmonier, Jonathan B Martin, MaryLynn Musgrove, John E Mylroie, Diana Northup, Metka Petrič, Tanja Pipan, Nataša Ravbar, Benjamin Schwartz, Kevin Simon, Branka Trček, Michael Venarsky, George Veni and William B White.We hope that the readers will enjoy reading the issue.

Franci Gabrovšek, the editor


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